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Dec 02, 2023briar de wolfe

This year, 2023, is the 10th anniversary of briar de wolfe's creation.

In the initial years, Briar de Wolfe was created with a naïve goal to be recognized and validated as a brand with artistry. Over time, it evolved into a means of exploring identity and the human experience through art and design. There were many efforts to share the journey on social media. Unfortunately, it didn't pan out. Despite the opportunity to join other brands and creatives on social media, showcasing the brand's development, there was resistance.

During development, there were doubts about the brand's value, asking if this work mattered or if the world needed another jewelry design. The brand's motivations and belief were as fleeting as social media trends.

In the past decade, as technology advanced the world, the designs, the mediums, true intention, and creative direction of Briar de Wolfe also evolved. Then one day, the value of this brand became clear, and it was understood that it has a purpose to be experienced.

This is for the younger me. The me that needed someone to show how to persevere through tough times with courage and love.

Thank you for turning your dreams into goals and staying dedicated. Who knows where these changes will lead us, but let's face them together.


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