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Featured artist:  Vic Ink



Why is this launch special to you?

Ever since I was in university, I’ve always wanted to create a jewellery line of my own, so this collaboration is the best of both worlds, combining jewellery and tattoos. Not only do I get to tap into the jewellery industry, I also get to work with a dear friend that I admire and trust.

What is your design process? 


Normally with any design (tattoos and otherwise), I start off with a shape or a silhouette and then fill in the details. With this launch, BDW and I came together to discuss possible shapes first, what kinds of pieces we would like to potentially do, and and how we can turn them into reality. 

I wanted to create a small flat pendant with an intricate design on the front of it with lots of engravings. With all that in mind, I began drawing the design on my iPad, and then BDW brought it to life.

What do you enjoy about collaborating?


With collaborations I am able to branch out into other industries and it challenges me to be a better artist. It allows me to be creative in other ways, and lets me use and play with other mediums.
With this launch I wanted to go for an aesthetic that matches the style of tattoos I do-- ornate, dark and romantic.  

On designing the Mortem Earring.


With this piece I wanted to create something that would look great as a standalone earring or paired with a small stud. I also wanted it to be a simple design so that it can be worn with everything, but when you look closer, there are lots of fine detail.

The unboxing experience.


I love how thought-out the packaging is. I think the unboxing part of a product is a crucial part of the experience, especially when seeing the product for the first time. I think BDW did an exceptional job in thinking about that experience from beginning to end. As an artist, I appreciate the attention to detail and the thought process behind every aspect in not only the jewellery itself, but the showcasing as well.