Vic Ink x briar de wolfe

Vic Ink x briar de wolfe

As a Canadian-based jewelry brand, we are eager to work alongside fellow Canadian artists. When the opportunity to collaborate with our talented friend Vic.ink_ arose, we jumped on it. This partnership was a chance for us to combine our mediums and transform Vic’s effortlessly cool art into stunning wearable pieces. After Vic put in the work designing the jewelry in her signature style, we created a small batch for release. Working with Vic, we brought two high-quality sterling silver designs to life — the Serendipity Pendant and the Mortem Earring. 


The Serendipity Pendant 

Silver pendant engraved with a rose set against a dark background


Encompassing both the gentle beauty and hardened intensity within all of us, the Serendipity Pendant makes a statement. A statement that says, 'I am complex. I am powerful. I am bold.' Drawing inspiration from gothic and classical design, this timeless piece captures Vic’s distinct, ornate and opulent style. Running your fingers across the pendant you’ll find intricate details the camera simply cannot capture.

The Serendipity Pendant’s enduring design complements any aesthetic and can work well as a statement solo necklace or stacked with layers of chains because...why stop at one? Shop our collection of chains and pendants to complete your look. 


The Mortem Earring

Close up of ear with dangling silver earring

We value our hands-on approach to creating unique jewelry, and the Mortem Earring is no exception. In its complexity and distinctly sharp style, this is one of our most memorable pieces to date.

The subtle elements in this earring, like the interlocking chain and silver rose, have this earring teetering on the line between casual and formal. Shop the Mortem Earring to elevate any look, whatever the occasion may be.


What Makes Us Different?


The Serendipity Pendant and Mortem Earring speak for themselves — they are equal parts edgy and beautiful. But it’s not just striking design work that sets briar de wolfe apart from the rest. We’re here to break down what exactly you’re getting when you shop with us. 


High-Quality Sterling Silver

At the heart of any jewelry piece is the materials that bring it to life. Without high-quality metals, the lifespan of your jewelry deteriorates. We purposefully created this collection with sterling silver so your jewelry will look great and last you for years to come. Our sterling silver is:





  • Hypoallergenic — say goodbye to itchy, irritated skin.
  • Durable — sterling silver is scratch-resistance, and it won't bend or twist out of shape.
  • Customizable — whether gold or silver matches your aesthetic, we've got you covered. The Serendipity Pendant and Mortem Earring can both be plated in 18K gold with complimentary re-plating within the year.


Canadian Made & Designed

We want our jewelry wearers to know they aren't getting mass-produced pieces worn by hundreds of other people. Our jewelry is thoughtfully designed and created here in Toronto, so you can get a one-of-a-kind, limited edition piece while supporting local artists. When you shop the Vic Ink x briar de wolfe collaboration, you are getting so much more than a necklace or earring. You are getting detailed Canadian craftsmanship that speaks to your unique style.


Environmentally Conscious 

In an industry where overproduction and waste run rampant, we decided to produce the Vic Ink x briar de wolfe line in small batches—helping us move towards a more sustainable future. But we didn't stop there. In addition to small-batch production, we've dedicated 1% of our annual profit towards environmental causes.

High-quality jewelry doesn’t just mean we’re working with the best silver or developing cutting-edge designs. Creating high-quality jewelry is a holistic endeavour that benefits both our customers and the environment. 


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