New things coming- currently in the field.

New things coming- currently in the field.

Hi Friend, 

I've been off the grid on social media, because of all the developments happening on the design front.  There are a couple of new lines that I have been working on and I'm *really* excited to share it with you, once they are ready to launch. There is an inordinate amount of researching, sculpting and prototyping happening behind the scenes and it will be well worth the wait. Some of the designs that I am working on explores ways in bridging my feelings of displacement towards my ethnicity as a child with my new found appreciation for it as an adult. 

I had mentioned before on an earlier blog post on how disjointed, displaced and removed I felt as a Canadian-born Korean. The local museum (The ROM)  was one of my favourite places as a child and the Korean exhibit was always underwhelming and uninspiring. I saw some celadon pottery, some fragments of artifacts, tools and possibly some traditional garb worn by commoners. I was disappointed and maybe even a little embarrassed. My childhood impression of historical Korean culture was that we didn't really have much to contribute. I was told by some peers through the years that "Chinese" was the first original language and everything was borrowed and stemmed from that. Utterly disappointing. 

Korean history wasn't stressed very much in my younger years so I just thought that women all wore brightly coloured striped tops and wide dresses with sticks in their hair and men wore brightly coloured dresses with funny top hats, while always smokin something in that super long pipe.. and everyone wore canoe shoes

Well, it wasn't until recently that I realized there was so much I didn't know. Barely even scratching the surface, there was already so much untalked-of painful history on how Korea came to be. One  interesting fact that I found was that Korea is a miracle-nation that not only survived cultural genocide back in 1910-1945 (during the Japanese occupation) but a nation that has also bounced forward. Thriving as the k-pop, k-drama, k-skincare power nation that we all know it to be. Korea went from 'comfort women' to a pop culture capital.

What a story. This connected some dots for me as to why there was such a limited amount of art available. I also felt a responsibility for my child self to dive deep. This shifted my gaze to look more into the history of my own heritage and less on the cultural history of others. My new body of work will be on resolving some of these cultural and generational divides and I hope to tell the more impactful stories from them.

What do you say? Will you come along for the ride? It's cool if you aren't with me, I hope my work crosses paths with you one day and will speak to you, the way it speaks to me. 

Until then, be well and please keep a safe distance. For your safety and others. 

More soon,


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