The Shadow Pandemic
May 07, 2021
Amidst this global pandemic, another pandemic bubbles beneath the surface. The Shadow Pandemic. Named after a UN awareness campaign, the Shadow Pandemic refers to the global uptick in domestic violence since the start of COVID. 

Dear Ally
Apr 30, 2021
This week we are talking about allyship. What are the disclosure do's and don'ts? How can we approach difficult conversations with compassion? What are the warning signs of abuse?

Q&A With A Survivor
Apr 23, 2021
It's one thing to read about terminology or statistics, but to understand how abuse can impact victims, you need to hear from someone who experienced it. This week we sat down with an abuse survivor who wishes to remain anonymous.

The Conversation Begins
Apr 15, 2021
Hi friends,   Welcome to the briar de wolfe blog. This month we will be writing...