Lost Wax Jewelry Workshop

"I didn't know I was capable of creating jewelry"

"This workshop inspired me to do more with my hands"

"I love that I made this!"

"I learned so much about jewelry and myself"

"I always wear this ring whenever I perform..I feel naked without it"

"This jewelry is now a part of me"

"I've always wanted to have something to celebrate my son's birth"

"Making rings for me and my partner makes it that much more special"

Handcraft Your World

Connect with us in these thoughtful 3 hour sessions where you can:

1. Learn a new skill

2. Create unique jewelry

3. Make new friends

Before & After

From wax to metal


Where ideas come to life
Make a Ring
Workshop 1

Make a Ring

Make a Pendant
Workshop 2

Make a Pendant

Themed Jewelry
Workshop 3

Themed Jewelry