Sculpting for Creative Expression

Sculpting for Creative Expression

Mar 15, 2024oona mood

As we navigate through different seasons of life, it’s important to break away from the busyness of life to rest and recharge. One way I do this is through the creative practice of sculpting. It has always served as a form of creative expression that allows me to find silence, understanding and mindful introspection. While not every sculpt turns out to be the next statue of David, what I get, is a mirror of truth in where I am in my headspace. That's what brings me back to sculpting. 

When I was taking my first jewelry casting class, I had no idea what to expect. My peers and I were each given a piece of sculpting wax and we were prompted to sculpt anything within a certain dimension. At first there was a little learning curve with understanding the melting point of this particular wax and how to make the various temperatures work to your benefit. Suddenly hours would pass I and found myself in a place where I was so fascinated and invested in what I was trying to create.

Just like with learning any new skill, there is a hurdle that must be worked through and overcome. Once you familiarize yourself with the material and understand how it all works, you fall into a flow state.

Discovering this flow state allowed me to find stillness. There were countless opportunities, solutions and alternatives found in the sculpting process. It felt like my body was taking a breath for the first time and it came from creating something that was just for me. Sculpting became a place where I could explore the ideas I sought as a young artist navigating the online jewelry world.

Of course, every pursuit comes with its challenges and takeaways. There were times when I felt stuck, and it showed in the result. This usually occurred when I began a sculpture without a plan. I had to restart until it felt right. Sometimes I'd have a clear vision and that served as a map to a satisfying outcome. Although I love diving in and winging it, I discovered that it's simpler to direct myself towards completing a sculpture if I know where I'm headed.

If there were no bounds to your creative abilities, what would you create?

Sculpting is an opportunity to create something that you haven' t seen before. What will you make if you entered a space where ideas come to life?

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