Feb 20, 2024oona mood

Years ago, I found myself at a major crossroads. Should I pursue the sciences or dive into the world of art? The decision was scary, almost paralyzing. I grappled with uncertainty, unsure of what resonated with me. In that quietest corner of myself, I sensed the answer: art. Yet, even with this clarity, fear loomed like a fog. The path ahead was filled with unknowns, and I had to navigate my way through this choice.

Every choice brings change. These seasons of transition shape who we are and the process is more enjoyable when you don't label change as good or bad; it’s simply a sign of progress toward uncharted territories.

Here are 5 skills I developed during this transition:

  1. Building Self-Esteem: Trusting my instincts developed my self-esteem. Each decision became an opportunity to build my inner compass.
  2. Self-Regulation and Self-Care: When I would struggle with self-doubt and fear, I discovered different tools to self-regulate and practice self-care.
  3. Setting Boundaries Aligned with Values: I learned to define boundaries that honored my core values, creating a sense of safety and well-being.
  4. Perspective Reframing: New experiences sometimes knocked me off balance. I mastered my own personal art of shifting perspectives to reground and remain centered.
  5. Present-Focused Forward Thinking: Rather than dwelling on the past, I embraced the present and envisioned the next steps ahead. Sometimes, looking back can hinder progress.

What I didn’t realize then was that these developments—self-esteem, trust, boundaries, and resilience—formed the foundation of my core values. Betting on my own judgment became the ultimate trust fall, revealing numerous insights about myself. It catalyzed my personal growth.

So, at every crossroad, I ask myself, “Am I holding myself  back?” It’s a question that propels me forward, urging me to embrace change and stride with courage into the unknown.



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