Jan 17, 2024briar de wolfe

Organizing for a fresh start can be one of the most difficult tasks. We all struggle with it in some area of our lives. With so many projects, commitments and events look at the year ahead, it can feel overwhelming to think about taking your eye off the ball and doing anything else. School and work related stress seems to be at a constant and at times it can feel like it's working against us. 

Here's a relaxing thought: Organizing doesn't have to be a big event. 

It can even be created into a daily ritual that is part of how you reconnect with yourself. It can even be done in a way that feels really good to you.

5 Simple Steps To Get Organized For A Fresh Start

1.Create a plan

To achieve any goal, it is most effective to create an actionable plan. If you want to reorganize your bedroom, make a list of all the different areas and sections that need to be addressed. Track your progress by actively crossing off each accomplishment on the list.

2. Declutter

Decluttering can feel both daunting and fulfilling. It's a time to honestly assess the things accumulated over time and reclaim space for more meaningful purposes. Decluttering may involve letting go of old school projects, computer files, gifts, and unnecessary objects. Remember to celebrate the things that remain and those that are let go. Objects can serve as visual reminders of memories, people, places, and events. Learning to decide which objects to hold onto and which to let go of is a personal practice that should be approached with thoughtful care.

3. Organize

Organizing creates mental space for relaxation, clarity, and clear thinking. Sometimes we lack the space to store important things. Having a system that works for you is key to consistency. 

To maintain consistency, consider creating a ritualistic experience like dressing up in your favorite outfit and playing a personalized playlist. Be intentional in setting the atmosphere to release stagnant energy and welcome fresh, new energy.

4. Create a routine

Integrating organizing into a daily practice maintains mental health, just like brushing teeth maintains oral health. It becomes a positive habit with many health benefits, including better sleep, relaxation, safety, mental clarity, and productivity. Focus on one area per week and tackle one task each day to break it up. Do a little bit at a time so you don't have to clear your whole schedule or keep delaying your needs.

5. Use technology

Utilize various tools to stay organized. From scheduling apps, to project management apps and even receipt-tracking apps. Take advantage of the available tools.

Getting organizing is a process, not a single moment.

It is a personal practice that encourages self-reflection and reorganization of past belongings. With patience and consistency, organization becomes a mainstay that optimizes your day.

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